Friday, December 11, 2009

Camera Arm

In spite of the fact that I'm a near-master when it comes to taking photos of myself (you know the kind where you hold the camera out with your arm and guesstimate what the lens will capture), my favorite store Hammacher Schlemmer has a much better, more accurate solution. The self-portrait camera extension arm allows you to take the photos you want anyplace you go (under water scuba adventures, summit of Mount Everest, Rockefeller Center at the Macy's Day Parade). Clumsy-proof, the arm is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate and tough aluminum. It will extend up to 181/2" and can hold cameras and camcorders up to 16oz.

Perfectly packable, it collapses down to 7 1/2", fitting nicely into your bag of choice or even your pocket. My favorite feature? It's the built-in positioning mirror, so every shot you take can be a great one (Ansel Adams would be proud young jedi!). Last detail is that it has a 1/4 20-thread universal tripod adapter that fits most cameras.

If you travel alone or are too nervous to hand over your excellent camera to a stranger while you and your buddies pose pretty, this is a wonderful gift!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Camera for Kids

Kidizoom is yet another digital camera for kids that will probably keep their hands off of your own camera, at least until the novelty of the toy wears off, and with Kidizoom’s many interesting features, the novelty might last longer than expected.

Besides the obvious picture-taking capability, the camera can also capture videos and has an on screen editor that allows for instant “photoshopping” of the taken pictures. Once the kids get tired of playing photographer the camera can be used to play some built-in games like tic-tac-toe and a memory and sliding square puzzle game that use the stored pictures. Finally, the camera has 16MB of internal memory but provides also an SD card slot for additional memory; interchangeable faceplates and a connector cable to hook Kidizoom up to the computer or the TV are also provided in the package.

Monday, November 23, 2009

BelOga Sewing Machine

belOga Sewing Machine is a great product designed by a student Kristine Br├╝ckner. Looking at this sewing machine it will make you want to start producing a clothing line of your own.
This very modern looking sewing machine is designed to make sewing fun and easy. All the controls can be accessed through the big circular touch-screen at the top and you can preview what the stitch is going to look like on the centre display before starting to sew. belOga has been designed to conduct the thread of any laid in spool automatically through the machine, leaving you with just the task of inserting the thread through the needle. Two little lenses at the side of the body allow you to peak into the insides of belOga and satisfy your curiosity.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lion Webcam

There are quite a lot of people around who love devices which sport a very cute and funny design, and youngsters are the biggest group to be included in such a category. And since where's demand, there must be a source of supply, the Brando company offers, via its webstore,, a very attractive web-cam, shaped like a...lion.

Well, not really, but kind of. Besides looking so cold inside its steel casing, the web cam comes packed with a microphone, to allow the user enjoy the most when chatting with the loved ones. The best part is the camera is so versatile it would fit any type of bag. As for its capabilities, the web cam features a lens rotation system for adjusting the image quality. Not to mention the precise still image capture it can perform.

Since most users employ webcams at night, the manufacturers have packed the device with a LED light adjusting switch, which makes the face noticeable in dim light conditions. The size matters when buying such a device, mostly because it proves to be quite useful when traveling. The USB Lion web cam is great in size also, measuring only 47 x 25 x 15mm and weighing only 73 grams.

Other important technical details in the specification list are the CMOS sensor, the 1280 x 960 VGA resolution and the frame rate, of up to 30fps at 320 x 240, up to 15fps at 640 x 480, with a focus range of 20 mm to infinity adjustable and a signal to noise ratio of >55 dB.

There is also a manual focus, an auto white balance and an auto electronic exposure option. As for the pricing and availability details, the device can be purchased for a price tag around 27 bucks a pop, from Brando webstore, where else.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laptop Lifts

Laptop Lift

It is always important to keep our laptops as cool as possible and there are times when having to pack a laptop stand – even the most portable ones can be inconvenient.

Laptop Lifts are an alternative to consider. They provide enough lift for any style of laptop so that air can flow around the base and at the same provide protection against dirt or moisture that may be on your work surface, even if you happen to be the cause of the spill.

Laptop Lifts provide permanent cooling and protection to your laptop computer. They are designed especially for the punishment that laptops can dish out. The unique shape and large size (6"/15.25cm and 2"/5cm) resist side to side force and will not pop off. The special adhesive has superior grip strength and has been tested to over 240°F/115°C. However, they can be removed using only your fingertips without leaving any messy residue. Use your laptop on the tiniest coffee shop table or airline tray: it will not slip thanks to the large soft rubber feet. We have a 100% performance guarantee. Laptop Lifts will not come off until you take them off or your money back!

Protect your computer from slipping, heat, spills, and scratching - permanently!

Much more than a notebook cooler, Laptop Lifts attach to your computer so that it is always protected - in the office, in the home and on the road. Anywhere that your computer goes!

  • Laptop Lifts are created from a soft, high quality rubber blend that is comfortable to the touch.
  • The special peel and stick adhesive grips instantly to metal or plastic but will not create a sticky mess like glues or cements.
  • The patent pending design is specifically made to withstand the heat and bumps that a laptop computer can dish out.

Laptop Lifts protect your computer from slipping and provide stability. Your computer won't slip!

Laptop Lifts are a laptop cooler and provide airflow!

Laptop Lifts provide elevation to protect your notebook from spills!

Laptop Lifts provide a large grip so that you can handle your computer with ease!

Laptop Lifts provide a soft cushion to protect your notebook and furniture from scratches!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Innovative: I-pod Belt

The TuneBuckle protects your iPod nano by encasing it in a convenient and fashionable belt buckle made of aircraft quality aluminum. The buckle is machine crafted, in the US and is beautifully finished. Sleek design, high quality belts and multiple styles allow you to carry your Nano in your TuneBuckle to anywhere you want.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Innovative Skull Shape Helmet

This innovative Skull shape helmet will attract onlookers. and it will make a statement about you immediately. Wear it and flaunt your style.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Innovative: Toothbrush Holder

“It seems quite apt placing your toothbrush in a tooth, so here it is the Tooth Toothbrush holder. A kitsch bathroom accessory that will stand out from all other toothbrush holders. Made from white ceramic this toothbrush holder looks the part and a far better option than putting your toothbrush in a mug or your average boring pot.”

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Laptop in your Pockets now

If you are not happy with the portability of your Laptop, you still feel it is heavy and inconvenient to carry it along. Look out for Lenovo's new Pocket Laptop.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coolest Wine Rack

Isn’t this one cool looking wine rack? You can stack three wine bottles on one wine rack. But you can combine one rack with other racks of different colors and can create your own designs with endless possibilities.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shoe Music Player

Do you like try out new innovative gadgets?
Then how about this cool CD player in the shape of show which has inbuilt speaker in it and all the necessary controls too....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Innovative shoes....

Make strong statement by wearing one of these shoes....

Boxing Shoes

Feet Shoes

Dirty Feet Shoes

Fish Shoes

Crocodile Shoes

Giraffe Shoes

Peacock Shoes

Paper Shoes