Sunday, March 29, 2009

Innovative Gadgets:BEAMZ

Beamz Laser Harp

The cool Beamz - Music Performance System or a music generator which is a unique "W" shaped electronic musical device that plays a series of notes with six integrated laser beams that lets you play with the light. When each of these laser beams are broken with your hands and fingertips, a range of musical sounds fill the air. It can reproduce rich, complex music and you don’t need to have any formal training in music or do not need to have any prior experience in musical industry.

Your hand movements control the tempo of each sequence yet the device automatically eliminates discordant chords and sour notes for flawless performances. Keeping your hand in-place plays a beam's entire sequence; when you remove your hand from a beam, that beam's sequence stops. Two buttons on the generator allow you to assign different instruments to beams while you are playing.

The software which comes with the Beamz Laser Harp combines a patented algorithm with a suite of 64 musical sequences--including MIDI, WAV, and sampled instrument files--synchronized to a digital metronome. Sequences are assigned to any of the six beams using one of the 30 included original compositions in 19 genres from classical to heavy metal using simple computer interface. You can enjoy jazz, bluegrass, rock, reggae almost anything. For the classical genre six lasers are assigning with cello, violin, woodwinds, harpsichord, tympani and French horns.

It will provide a USB cord which is included to easily connect it to your computer and a set of speakers. It requires a USB-enabled PC running Windows XP or Vista. Now you give a really cool and futuristic harmonious performance for your friends, family, on stage, at talent shows, on street corners, in an orchestra or just play alone to express your mood. The Beamz musical performance system allows you unleash your inner Yanni in a flourish of electronic wizardry and musical mastery. And you can also save your performances. You can also download additional composition.

Dimensions of the systems are: 19” Height x 26” Width x 41/2” Depth. Weight of the unit is 7 lbs i.e. around 15 Kg.

This music instrument will cost you about $ 599

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amazing Designs: 2 in 1 Furniture

Two-in-one-furniture: the table-chair

This is very interesting dual-purpose furniture design concepts. It is designed by the company called Ellesco International in Belgium. Put the two pieces together and it can be a comfortable armchair, separate them and flip the back section upright and it becomes a small table with a seat. They call this design SwiTCh.

It is handmade from massive oak. It also has a rubber profile to prevent slipping. And fine leather with a foam-filled ball that helps improve posture. It will be perfect in any home or workplace where space is bigger issue. It is cool, brilliant design and still it is quite useful

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Innovative Gadgets: Axe Guitar

A guitar that too in Axe shape is brilliant and innovative idea. A guitar in itself is ultimate cool gadget but if it comes with unique shape like of Axe then it becomes even cooler. The guitar has a bi-directional strum bar, ultra responsive fret buttons, and an analog whammy bar. What does that mean? I have no clue because I don’t know anything about playing guitar. Every year I make resolution to learn guitar but it never happens. I think my neighbors are somehow plotting against it. So this Axe shape Guitar is very good option for people like me. If anyone comes between me and my Guitar lesson I can chopped them.