Monday, April 26, 2010

Superman CD Player

A music player fit for superheroes? Well, not quite, but at least this Superman personal CD player looks the part.

That's down to a pretty nifty design, with the Superman logo on blue background for the player, as well as a smaller version of the same look for the headphones. As a CD player, it can handle standard discs plus CD-R and CD-RW and has bass boost, a belt clip and power from 2x AA batteries.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Innovative Gadgets: "Dancing Girls iPod Dock"

This is easily the most outrageous (and largest!) iPod dock we’ve ever come across. The “Disco Table“, designed by Moritz Waldemeyer, is a go-go dancer cage, except the “cage” is virtual- made of LED lights and lasers and it has a smoke machine too. And oh yeah, it also has speakers and an iPod dock on the bottom. When it’s not being used as a makeshift club in your living room, it shuts down into a relatively normal looking Corian coffee table. No price listed, available “on demand for the discerning homebody”.