Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are Cell Phones are Harmful to Our Health

Are Cell phones are harmful to our Health?

As the life passing I am finding it is literally impossible to live without my cell phone. Now day’s cell phones not only serve to receive and dial a call it has all the entertainment add on with it. It has everything you could ever want from radio, MP3 players, internet, live TV, GPS navigation, gaming and other things. So cell phones occupies all my day there is no prospect for anything else. I can be anywhere in the world and still can be connected to everything and everyone I want (provided the network is good enough). But that’s not I want to discuss here. Over the last few days I am worried about side effects caused by cell phones. I read somewhere that cell phones emits electro magnetic radiation which can be fatal for humans as they can cause cancer.

I was really worried reading this article, then I saw one video on You Tube which shows an egg can be boiled up if it is placed in between two cell phones. That was scary because the title of the video says imagine what your brain has to go through when you are on the cell phone. On top of it one of my cousins had strong feeling that the headaches he used to have were because of the cell phones it self as when he wasn’t using his cell phone foe a week he never had that pain. And this news was really scary for me.

I decided to dig all the information I can about cell phone’s EMR i.e. Electromagnetic Radiations and their effects on human body. But what I found is two contradictory opinions. The World Health Organization which considered the reports from scientific and medical comities, states that the health effects such as headaches are very unlikely to be caused by cellular phones. According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Associations (CITA), Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a way of measuring the quantity of radio frequency energy that is absorbed by the body. And the phone to pass the FCC certification only if their SAR value is less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. In Europe the SAR level is capped at @ W/Kg. In India there seem to be no such standards employed such, if there are already I couldn’t find any information on them.

When you hear from World Health Organization you should feel much safer about cell phones because World Health Organization is most responsible outfit regarding human health. But trouble is that there are also some people and some responsible organizations who thinks that the Electro Magnetic Radiation which use microwave range are emitted from the cell phones and they are strong enough to be very harmful for our brain and other parts of the body. Only trouble here is they don’t have strong proof to support this. But I think just because they can’t prove it, their theory can not be overruled and neglected. We need to be more careful here on with our usage of cell phones. And it must be these reports that made some of the countries like Austria, France Germany, and Sweden recommend their citizens to minimize the use of cell phones.

I will try using my cell phone as minimum as possible but that could not be the permanent solution as I said earlier life without cell phones is getting impossible. I don’t know how but I am trying to find a solution to use the phone as well as keep safe distance from their electro magnetic radiations.

I think all the cell phone manufacturing companies should take initiative to reduce the concerns people have regarding these radiation emitted by cell phones. Then can just reveal the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) values along with the other specifications of the cell phones. As for customers we can make sure that will buy only FCC certified cell phones. I am sure all the measure brands are FCC certified so there should not be any worries.

I am trying to find now the SAR values for different models of different brands of cell phones and try to find out if my cell phone is safe enough.