Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wireless Speaker "EVOLVE"

Finally, the "Evolve" has evolved. Once you had the dock plugged in you are ready to go. You can grab a speaker cube in each hand and walk them anywhere at 100 feet distance. The sound is amazing, great separation, solid bass and clear treble. And the clean, high-tech design looks good.

Each speaker cube has its own long-life Lithium-Ion battery pack, delivering up to 10 hours of music between charges. "Evolve" even can charges wirelessly: to charge the batteries, just place the speaker on its charging station. It's so elegantly simple, there's nothing to plug in, and nothing to unplug when you're ready to stop the party. Each speaker features its own on/off switch on the top of the cube, and an automatic sleep mode to conserve battery charge.

Compatible with every iPod, it also integrates with CD, MP3 players, MiniDisc players, and TV's, stereo receivers equipped with Aux Audio inputs. While the current "Evolve" works with iPhone in airplane mode, the company is working on making it as compatible as possible so that the airplane mode nag-screen doesn't pop up in the future.

The included RF remote lets you switch playlists, shuffle and adjust the EQ.

If you've been looking for a new wireless system it's finally here. Cut the cord.

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