Monday, February 7, 2011



How to download from Video buffering websites like YouTube? We all watch videos on youtube or other such video buffering or video streaming websites. And sometimes you really like some videos and want to have it on your player or on your hard disk so that you can view it later and don’t need to be online for that. So you want to download this video to watch it offline; but I am sure you will already come to know that Youtube does not allow you to download any videos. So how should you do it?
There are some softwares available to do it for you but they are either shareware or have their limitations .But you can do it on your own by copying from the cache folder of the web browser.
Go to: Users->Administrator->AppData(you need to set hidden files to visible to see this)->Local->Google->Chrome->UserData->Default->Cache and there you have it.
Now you need to search it. Leave the files with data as names apart, there would be files like f_randomnos which is what you're looking for, check the 'Date Modified' of the folder and the latest one would probably be your video and then open with VLC player and enjoy the video , you can copy it on your personal folder view it later offline. But don’t use these videos commercially, that is an offense. Enjoy.

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