Friday, May 8, 2015

Apertura Enigma

 Enigma is Flagship Product of French Company Apertura for almost 20 years.
The cabinet uses Apertura special shape: two curved sides of different length and no symmetrical faces. The heterogeneous nature of the different panels imply a non –uniform resonance distribution and a reduced sound radiation for the most excited ones.
Enclosure panels consist of multiple thin layers of high density MDF, pressure molded to reach final thickness of 28 to 44mm. This sandwich structure allows to break and attenuate vibration waves inside the material. The aim is to drastically improve cabinet damping.

The Enigma uses two custom-design 8’’ bass/mid range drivers. The “Isotactic Matrix” cone is a new type of composite material (woven polypropylene). This cone material exhibits stiffness, lightness and good damping properties, which makes it essential for our new designs.
These drive-units benefit of an “Excel” powerful motor: 134mm ferrite, long voice-coil on titanium former and a copper ring on the pole piece. The implementation of an original loading architecture brings the benefit of a real synchronized operation of the two mid-woofers. This is mostly not the case with common design.
The high frequency drive unit is a professional ribbon tweeter. It uses an aluminum/ polymer sandwich diaphragm for improved linearity.
The drive unit effective piston area is twice as the Onira one’s, and four times the area of ordinary dome tweeters, for a moving mass of only 88mg. The high powerful Neodynium magnet and high sensibility allow a low cutting frequency. This way we can spread the well-known sound qualities of ribbon tweeter over a wider frequency range.

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