Friday, January 30, 2009

Brilliant Concepts: Handheld "8" Cellphone

The “8″

A handheld communication system, A mobile with unique design and dual screen

This is a new design for mobile phone and I believe it is still at conceptual level and not in production. And so not in market yet. The design is called “8” because it has shape of a digit 8. This design is originated from the heads of Mr. Kyung Ryul Lim and Miyeon Kim. So whats so special about this new design “8”.

“8” is a handheld communication device which consists of two flip up touch screens with some common applications in other mobile sets like video player, telephone, dictionary and others. But USP of the product will be as you can see in the images is that it has dual screens and can be put on desk and use as desktop phone.

It is an excellent design and very good designs no doubt about that. But will it have a market for itself in these days of high tech mobiles phones which come with gamut of various applications such as 5 mega pixel cameras, 3G network, dual sim card, Music player, touch screens. E-mailing and internet programs and many more. Will it stand in front of them only with unique design. I doubt very much. If only you are one of those people who wants to be different from others and who don’t care for high tech applications, only interested in basic application of phone. Like receiving the call and able to make the call. “8” actually offers more than that.

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