Friday, January 16, 2009

Innovative Gadgets : Auto Hammer

Auto Hammer is ultimate men’s gadget. Yes I agree that gadgets are appeal only to men. So why is this men’s gadget. Because it is a Hammer and this one saves amazing amount of time, energy and sweat of men. This gadget is upgraded version of traditional hammer. Now you don’t have to waste your energy on hammering the nail on the wall. Auto hammer will do that for you without a single swing. Interesting isn’t it. It can drive up to 3.5 inch nails with just the pull of trigger.

So now don’t be lazy in hammering nails on the wall. Auto hammer can nails at 2000 impacts per minute. It is powered up by a 12 volt Lithium-Ion Battery which is of course rechargeable. It has magnetic head which makes it easier to operate using only one and. It also has a retractable nail sleeve.

So what are you waiting for? Just start hammering the nails. But don’t get overexcited and fill up your house walls with nails.

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